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“Here is so different from my country – you need a CV to apply for jobs!”

Mahir dreams of becoming self-sufficient, supporting his family and setting up his own business making Syrian Cheeses. 


We take pride in providing refugees with the tools they need to gain meaningful employment.

We take pride in providing refugees with the tools they need to gain meaningful employment.

It can take years for a person to gain refugee status. In the UK, Asylum Seekers are provided with housing and living costs but unable to work. When a person is given refugee status they have just one month to find employment and housing. At this stage, many refugees sadly become homeless and also face stress and poverty related health challenges. Refugees in our community are often isolated and face many barriers to work, from lack of social networks to knowledge of the UK job sector.

With your help we can ensure there is a path to employment for people like Mahir.

With the money raised we will provide employment and hospitality training, engaging those who have refugee status and live in South-East London. We are also working towards finding a longer term cafe in Lewisham, a meeting and eating place for all – where trainee chefs can share and celebrate food from their home countries with the wider community. 

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