Formed in 2019 to bridge the divide between refugees, asylum seekers and the wider community

By providing a path to employment and friendship, we help refugees and those granted asylum in London to build safe, happy productive lives.

Refugee Cafe Team

Support our mission to help refugees into work

The Refugee Cafe works to relieve poverty and isolation amongst refugees, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities in Lewisham. Our commitment is to reach the most vulnerable people in our community and open a pathway to employment for people who have asylum here. Refugees will benefit from workshops, training skills and knowledge relevant for catering industry.

We believe involving people in social activism on the ground level has an impact on the way people engage, consume and interact on a day-to-day basis. We want to enable people through inclusion and education.

Events & Markets

We run a series of events and markets, bringing the whole community together to celebrate the amazing culinary cultures in Lewisham – where 12 languages are spoken every square mile!

Training & coaching

We are currently looking to launch a hospitality and employability training programme for local refugees. Participants will gain skills, knowledge and experience in catering in the UK through a series of workshops and individual coaching towards their long-term employment or enterprise goals.

The Cafe

In the future we plan to open a cafe – an eating and meeting space run by local refugees – where our community can come to learn, grow, work and share over amazing food and drinks.

Our Partners

We are supported by a network of neighbouring businesses that share our vision for making Lewisham a collaborative, engaged borough of opportunity. If you have a local enterprise and would like to join this network, please do get in touch.