Cooking with Parlez

Simon Ware
Simon Ware

We interviewed Ayman, one of our chefs, about his first week in a new part-time job he started recently. The Rfugee Cafe was a blessing to secure a job for Ayman thanks to the long term support and relationship we have had with Parlez and their owner Louis Edwards. We will catch-up with him again soon to find out more about how he is getting on and in the meantime, read Ayman’s interview below:

Can you Introduce yourself?

Hello, My name is Ayman and I came from Palestine. I’m working at Parlez at the moment and am happy working at this place.

How was your first day working there?

On my first day I took some of the kitchen orders. I remember preparing avocado and eggs, the French toast, making some salads and working in general on all the sections in the kitchen that day.

Can you please tell us what you did on your first Saturday?

On that Saturday I was busy frying the fries, hash browns and polenta, chicken and using the cooker for items like fried eggs, French toast and macaroni and cheese.

Please tell us now about Easter Sunday, what did you do?

On Sunday there was a special menu, roasted vegetables with steak, lamb steak and beef steak, this kind of stuff, so I was working that day on the roasted vegetables section, like I prepared the vegetables and the sauces for the dishes then sent them to the chef.

I love cooking so I love to be in this restaurant and have a great relationship with my colleagues here.