Refugee Cafe moves into a new phase

Simon Ware
Simon Ware
New Phase

Now that we can be more optimistic that we are coming out of the pandemic, Refugee Cafe is moving into an exciting new phase in its development. We have learned a lot in the past year or so and have been working to adapt to a post-pandemic world that has a lot of uncertainties particularly in the hospitality industry. 

We are making use of new premises in the area, at St Andrew’s Church Hall in Catford, to enable us to support more activities across Lewisham and the surrounding area, including community dinners and a private dining service in people’s homes, as well as preparing our well-established products for our markets and partners. This more flexible approach allows us to seize opportunities when they arise. In this way, we are acting as a cafe that involves the refugees we are supporting and promotes integration within the community.

Our training programme has started, but recognising the changed world we are adapting it to ensure that it is targeted in the most effective way.  We are doing this by engaging with refugees to ensure we deliver activities that meet their needs and aspirations.

Refugee Cafe looks forward to making a difference to those we support through our training, employment and engagement with the wider community. With the continuing enthusiastic backing of our supporters, we can look forward to contributing significantly to communities in Lewisham.

We always welcome feedback from our customers, supporters and beneficiaries. To get in touch please contact us at